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OEM GPRS Long Battery Life SMS GPS Tracker For Car Monitoring

16 Nov 16
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Detailed Product Description
Working Voltage: 9~33 V/DC Limiting Voltage: 100V/DC
Power Saving Mode: <20mA DC 12V Backup Battery: Working Time 3h
Canning Material: Aluminum Alloy Main Device Weight: 0.26kgnet Weight

OEM GPRS Long Battery Life SMS GPS Tracker For Car Monitoring



GPS device with broad expansion ports has the features like multiple image monitoring, TTS voice repot, automatic report station, driving record (black box), LED screen to release Ads info, electronic lead sealing, temperature detecting, fuel consumption detecting, loaded detecting, operating data uploading and others.



Main Features:


● Based international newest chip, double core structure, powerful

● GPRS and SMS double channels, TCP and UDP double working mode

● Positioning based GPS reflected wave, assist with base station, strong capacity to prevent blocking to reduce the blind area

●Three proofing design, Quadruple protection for power source, 4 levels watchdog

● Low power consumption,

● Build-in high capacity backup battery.

● Broad intelligence interface to achieve automatic report station for bus, LED screen to release Ads

● Build-in TTS voice module to achieve the function of voice report.

● It can update remotely, easy to maintain

● Approved by 3C, and approved by national grade quality authentication.



 Product Functions:


1.Signal detecting and control: 13 routes signal sensor, 17 vehicle status detecting, intelligence mode and forced mode to cut fuel/circuit, user-defined backup output control.

2.   Alarm: 19 alarms, 3 modes of alarm.

3.   Monitoring: vehicleautomatic tracking/monitoring, regions setting, geo-fence, GPS mileage statistics, blind area supplementary report, traces storage, base station positioning.

4.   Road detecting: road detecting, road detecting calculation, departure alarm, speeding alarm, entry/exit station report…

5.   Voice and phone call: hands free phone, remote listen in, voice reminding device, TTS voice report.

6.  Fuel consumption detecting: build-in 2 routes AD input interface, equipped floater attenuation cable can measure fuel consumption, and equipped temperature can detect the temperature.

7.   LED screen for release Ads info:Downlink Ads to screen via RS232 port and show Ads on the screen.

8.  Image: monitor by image, store/record image, image transmission.

9.   Remote update: main device’s program was support to remote download; user can renew the program remotely.

10. Protection:

Power saving mode: in this mode, GPS device’s working current will drop to20mA@12V when vehicle was in flameout.

Car battery over discharge protection: it will switch to supply power by backup battery if car battery’s voltage is very low (9.5V).

Over voltage protection: it will cut the external circuit to protect GPS device if the voltage exceeds limit value (36V), backup battery can work for 3h.


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