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portable high-performance AA/AAA nimh / nicd battery charger

28 Dec 16
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Alkaline battery charger is the most intellengent battery charger, charge alkaline,NiMh,NiCd,AA/AAA size at a time

Alkaline battery charger is the most intellengent battery charger, charge alkaline,NiMh,NiCd,AA/AAA size at a time for different type or capacity.
Products using high-performance intelligent control mcu.
High-precision O V, – V detection.
output with a constant-current, over-charge, short circuit protection, maximum time, capacity, voltage control.
single detection technology power, precise control, more convenient, single electric visual show.
to allow different capacity, different types of nickel-hydrogen batteries and rechargeable alkaline batteries.
a high degree of integration, higher stability.
automatic trickle charge function.
Failure intelligent recognition technology alkaline batteries.Identifiable technology, failure to identify the dry-cell batteries,more secure.
Full of rechargeable batteries for digital cameras can, MP3, CD, MP4, Walkman etc..
after a nickel-hydrogen batteries, trickle charge to maintainthe charge is still a long time charge, the battery will not overchargephenomenon.
The products used in digital cameras, toys, four-wheel-drive.Toy electric vehicles, such as high-current devices (current greaterthan 300mA) alkaline batteries, better activation. Activator numbermore.
because alkaline batteries have a “memory of inertia” of thecharacteristics of the existing equipment after use alkaline batteries,as this product is activated, it is recommended to use the originalequipment, better.
Failure to have the alkaline batteries can not activate theproduct on the prolonged use of the remote control, clocks and watches,such as a small current (less than 200mA) power equipment, alkalinebatteries, after use (that is, failure) does not recommend using thisproduct activation.
due to different manufacturers differences of thecharacteristics of alkaline batteries, the cycle of activationfrequency range, up to 80 times, it is recommended more use of marketquality alkaline batteries, better activation.
When using alkaline batteries to complete the productactivation, the use of the rear by the equipment to activate, otherwisethe battery may be damaged.
the new buy back without the use of alkaline batteries do notuse this product activation. Otherwise they will damage the battery.
This product is activated by the alkaline batteries on theexposure Do not wet, harsh environment, etc., otherwise they willdamage the battery. If the long period of time to place the non-use maybe leakage phenomenon, it is recommended to use is no longer activated.
alkaline batteries to activate after 10 minutes (a time), ifthe flashing red light significantly on activation of the battery doesnot recommend the use of less effective.
due to the pulse of this product work, and in the work process “” sound is normal.
Indicator function
Self-Test: After the power plug all the lights were bright red alternately flashing green after the second out.
Ni-MH battery charging instructions: battery charge, corresponding to a long bright red light.
the instructions to activate alkaline batteries: Battery activation, corresponding to red-green lights flashing alternately.
Pre-activated instructions alkaline batteries: Battery activation, corresponding to a long bright red light.
full of instructions: a long bright green.
Battery bad: blinking red light.
bad battery access, the system is not charging, flashing red light

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