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Smart USB Selfie Mobile Phone Battery Bank 2600mAH Lithium Battery Type

13 Jan 17
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Smart USB Selfie Mobile Phone Battery Bank 2600mAH Lithium Battery Type




Usage Flashlight & Powerbank
Interface Type Smart USB
Battery Type Lithium Batteries
Output voltage: 5V/1A
Available Colour: Black,silver,wine red
Dimension: 95*22*22mm
Weight: 72g




A super light weight and convenient power bank like a lipstick!


It can also be used as a 10m selfie remote shutter for your smart phone!


EP10 is a Lithium battery with a capacity from 1800mAH to 5200mAH.


Very flexible and easy to use with its smart USB socket.


High safety due to its overcharge protection, discharge protection and short circuit protection.


Compatible with both iOS and Android.


Many colors to select and can be OEM.




1. Very well supported. Can be used with any kind of smart phone, laptop and other rechargeable electronic products.


2. Very portable and convenient. You can put it in your pocket or a bag and can use it almost any time and any where.


3. Very good looking. Our products are very attractive and stylish in appearance and are liked by all generations.


4. Very competitive price. The products are provided by the manufacturer directly so the price will be the best you can find through internet.


Warning & Notice


1. Please don’t break or destroy the shell of the power bank, and if in any case you found the shell is broken, please stop using it and contact our after sale department if needed.


2. Please don’t use the powerbank near fire or in a high temperature. Never throw it into the fire.


3. Don’t use the power bank in a very humid place, never place or use it in water.


4. Turn off the power or unplug it from your device to avoid waste of power and potential danger or risk.


5. When the power bank itself is being charged, please don’t let children to touch it’s plug.

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