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Size D 4000mAh high temperature rechargeable nicd battery

07 Feb 17
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Size D 4000mAh high temperature rechargeable nicd battery


functional description

1.Nominal Capacity 4000mAh


4.Standard Charge Current and Time: 400mA /15hours

5 Rapid Charge Current and Time:4000mA /1.4hours

6.Approx Weight :135.0g



Super high capacity,

Low internal resistance,

Excellent operating output,

Long cycle life,


No memory effect

Enviromental protection

Good performance characteristics

Small order is accepted


Main application:

1.-vice communication equipment, cordless telephone, mobile phone, his radio

2.Had information equipment: notebook computer, PDA, portable fax machines, printer

3.-vice audio and video equipment: : digital cameras, portable video camera, DVD, VCD, MD, CD player

4.-vice lamps and lanterns: emergency light, solar lights, the searchlight, a flashlight

5.Had electronic toys: remote control car, remote control ship, plane model aircraft

6.-vice electric tools: electric drill, planer, jaws, and saws, electricity group

7.Had other purposes: electric razor, massage device, electric toothbrush, portable terminal equipment

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