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EB36V9AB3 Lithium Battery for Electric Bike

21 Mar 17
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Standard e-Bike battery
Rated Voltage: 36V
Rated Capacity: 9.0Ah
Cell: Panasonic CGR18650CG
Chemistry: LiNiCoMnO2
Configuration: 10S4P
Inner Resistance75m
Charge Voltage Limit:42.5V
Max Charge Current: 2A
Continuous Discharge Current: 15A
Burst Discharge Current: 30A
Dimension: 94x77x259mm
Weight: 2.35kgs
Operate Temp. Charge: 0~45℃
Operate Temp. Discharge: -20~60℃
Storage Temp.: -20~40℃
Cycle Life: 500 cycles
Function and Features:
1. With Movable handlebar for Easy Carrying
2. With 4 Level LED power indicator to show remaining power
3. With safety key lock to control power on/off of the battery
4. With Water-resistant and firm ABS casing
5. With built-in PCB protection to prevent short circuit, over-current, over-heat, over-charge, over discharge.
6. With battery base to make the battery installed steadily.
7. With guide rail to make the battery be installed conveniently on frames of different size and shape.
8. The internal battery pack is stabilized by braces.
Accessories Available:
1. Ac adaptor and Power Cord
2. Aerial Plug
3. Battery base
4. Guide rail

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