Realistic Steps That Can Be Taken to Stop Gun Violence

It’s no surprise to anyone that gun violence is out of control in this country. There are many steps that need to be taken to finally curb this menace. A few of them involve legislation but one thing is certain: They all involve community effort. The time to stand up and make a serious bid to end gun violence is now.

Keep Preemptive Laws from Curbing Gun Violence

One of the most nefarious things that gun lobbyists do to prevent sensible gun control laws is to preempt. This is to say that they put pressure on city and county authorities to pass laws that prevent larger gun control measures from being adopted. These are laws that effectively keep other laws from passing.

The lobbyists that clamor for these laws are largely backed by gun makers and other right wing “conservative” and “2nd Amendment rights” groups. The effect of their lobbying is to indirectly promote more gun violence by making it harder to legally prevent it. These preemptive laws need to be stricken off the books.


Support Total Surrender of Firearms By Felons

Another very important measure that can and should be taken is to support courts who order the surrender of firearms by felons. When a person is convicted of a felony, their name gets added to a very important list. This is the list maintained by the National Instant Background Check System.

The point of this list is to keep people convicted of felonies from ever passing a background check to buy another gun. Meanwhile, courts can also order felons to surrender the guns that they already possess.

This is a move that can save many lives. Unfortunately, it is rarely carried out. All too many courts fail to notify felons of their responsibility to surrender their guns. This is a miscarriage of justice that needs to be addressed.

Curb the Power of the NRA

Despite the occasional attempt to misrepresent itself as such, the National Rifle Association (NRA) is no kind of state or government body. It has no official standing within the government of the United States. It is, in fact, nothing more than a lobbying organization possessed of entirely too much power.

For years, the power and influence of this lobbying body have been questioned. While endless massacres have taken place at Columbine, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, and other places, the NRA has stood in support of “2nd Amendment rights.” The fact that it has done so from the standpoint of a lobby group has been ignored.

But while the NRA has prospered as a puppet of the weapons industry, it has also come under increasing scrutiny for its other activities. It has been exposed on more than one occasion as a sort of catch-all laundering operation for various questionable right wing causes. Its enormous influence needs to be neutralized.

Breaking its power largely means ending support for it. This means publicizing its many questionable actions and ongoing activities. It means working to defund this overgrown lobby group by eroding its power base. The only way this can happen is if enough citizens band together to make it the pariah it needs to be.

The Time to Take Action is Now

For all of the reasons above and more, the time for you to take action is now. One person can’t always accomplish a great deal by themselves. Working together with like minded individuals to secure social change is the key. Gun violence is spiraling well out of control. Together, we can work to bring it under control.

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