10 Things You Can Do About Climate Change

Climate change creates effects that are felt throughout the world. Extreme weather is becoming more common, plants and animal species are going extinct, and sea levels are rising. With these climate change factors to combat, it may seem hopeless, however, this article will bring forth ways we all can help.

1. Take Action in Congress

Currently, Congress is negotiating how much money the federal government will plan to allocate to resources. If Congress passes this plan of action, it could be a great investment into the future. Contact Congress members and demand they uphold the 3.5 trillion plan set forth.

2. Use Renewable Energy

The World Health Organization has found that climate change kills over 150,000 people per year. By transitioning away from fossil fuels, renewable sources can help slow the negative effects. Renewable energy has become less expensive and more effective in recent years. Divest fossil fuel investments, ensuring no investments into fossil fuels.

3. Energy Efficient Transportation

Driving a fuel-efficient or electric vehicle is a great way to lower a carbon imprint. No driving is a prime way to help cut carbon emissions. If a person must drive, investing in a hybrid or electric vehicle is a great option to cut down on pollution.

4. Plant Based Diet

To cut a carbon footprint in half, stop eating meat products. An Oxford study shows that switching from a heavy meat-eating diet to a light meat-eating diet can lower the carbon footprint by one-third. If half of the world began eating a light meat-eating diet, the carbon emissions could be lowered by 66 gigatons.

5. Be Smart With Energy Usage

Paying close attention to energy consumption is a wonderful way to get involved with climate change. Less energy usage means less pollution. Using appliances that are energy-efficient, swapping gas appliances for electric appliances, and using energy-efficient lighting help fight climate change.

6. Disposable Products

Reducing consumption is an important factor in the fight, as well as reusing items and recycling. Reuse items whenever possible and when it is time to recycle, bring items to a local recycling center. By recycling half of a household’s items, reducing a carbon footprint by 2,400 pounds can be achieved.

7. Talk Climate Change

Start a conversation with others and find common ground that can be agreed upon. Loved ones, family members, and friends may have a higher level of trust in people they know, rather than scientists and government entities. Do not be polarizing.

8. Get Moving

Rather than driving a car or taking public transportation, get the body moving and ride a bike or walk. Riding a bike or walking a few times a week, in place of driving, makes an impact on the environment and one’s health.

9. Consume Less

Buying less is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint of an individual. Buying less leads to less need for landfills, fewer recycling efforts, and a cleaner environment. Separate items into two categories, which are needs and wants. If an item doesn’t fall on the need list, do not buy it. Every purchased item counts.

10. Switch to LED Lighting

LED lighting uses way less energy than an incandescent light bulb and sometimes up to 90% less. The technology does not give off heat and converts electrons to photons, which saves energy. Lower cooling bills and the life expectancy of the LED are great reasons to switch. Switching to LEDs can help to remove 7.8 gigatons of carbon.

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