Why We Need to Help Endangered Species

All species that inhabit the Earth play their role to maintain the ecological balance.

Each creature holds a historical, ecological, educational, scientific, and aesthetic value. Extinction has been happening over the centuries and it’s a natural effect. Research, however, proves that the rate of extinction has greatly increased over recent years, and this is no surprise.

The human population continues growing and this has consequential effects on the environment. As the population continues to grow, they consume resources at even higher rates. This means that humans are crowding out and forcing some of the species to extinction.

With the increase in population, several species in the United States are endangered. This is because of the ever-growing numbers. These species fall under very different geographies as well as diversity. Here is a list of some of these species:

  • Florida panther – These panthers are quickly becoming extinct because of human expansion. They are victims of habitat fragmentation and destruction through urban sprawl.
  • Mississippi gopher frog – The gopher frog has also reduced in number due to human expansion. They live in holes dug up by other animals.
  • Bluefin Tuna – The Atlantic bluefin tuna fish are facing extinction due to overharvesting by humans. They are often consumed as sushi and are becoming more expensive as they become rare.
  • Polar Bear – Polar bears are perfectly suited for Arctic conditions. Over the past decade, we have seen the effects of global warming with climate change. Very few animals are bearing the brunt of global warming more than polar bears.
  • Sandplain gerardia – Many factors have played a part in the extinction of the sandplain flowers. Natural disasters such as drought and fires have contributed. Landscapes have also suppressed the sandplain with houses and other structures.

There are measures put in place to protect endangered species. The wildlife federation ensures some of the wildlife protection laws are adhered to and followed to the latter. They also try as much to educate people on the same. Some of the measures in place include:

  1. Slowing down when on the road. This applies especially to people living in the outskirts of large cities and forests. Animals live in developed areas and must navigate in areas full of human hazards. You should also keep an eye on any animal and avoid littering in such areas.
  2. They emphasize learning about some of the endangered species in your area. This is the first step in protecting these animals as you get to know how important they are.
  3. Minimal use of pesticides and herbicides. These are pollutants to the environment, which we inhabit with many other species. The use of fertilizer should also be regulated. Some of these are washed into rivers and other water bodies, affecting other species in their natural habitat.
  4. Climate change is another cause of the extinction of many species. This is brought about by human activities and the combustion of fossil fuels which alter the earth’s atmosphere. We can reduce this by reducing the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. This is by taking carbon-reducing steps such as using energy-efficient applicants.
  5. Avoid buying commodities made from wildlife. This includes ivory, tortoiseshell, and coral. If you wish to purchase exotic plants, do so from reputable stores that have detailed their resources.
  6. Paying more attention to our environment and the species around us. This refers to taking care of the animals around us. It can be through placing decals on windows to reduce the number of bird deaths. Most of the birds die annually due to collisions with windows. Water conservation in our homes also helps with the cause. It ensures that er leave some for the other species in our environment and increases their chances for survival.
  7. Taking part in campaigns that aim to protect endangered species. These rallies create awareness and protect these species in their natural habitat.

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